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People have a variety of passions.  We are no different.  Our business is educational consulting.  Our company, Quality Leadership Resources (www.weimproveschools.com) takes much of our time.  However, our interests are varied and working with classic cars is, at best, a strange combination

The Old Car Barn grew out of a passion for classic automobiles. Creating a home for treasures of yesteryear has grown into an opportunity to appreciate and preserve the past while enjoying the walk down nostalgia lane.

I was a high school junior when my dad bought my first car. It was a 1937 Ford that had been stored for years in a barn used as a chicken roost and a shed for cattle. Cost $45. I have owned a number of automobiles since that time, but the feelings associated with the first one continue to churn. Without looking I can guarantee you that the ’37 Ford is in better condition than I am!

The Old Car Barn is open for you to browse, reminisce about times past, purchase or sell classic automobiles, meet friends, and enjoy. When our doors are open, you are welcome!

Larry Vaughn
Doris Fassino

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